Sunday, December 2, 2012

Spyo's Adventure Meets Giants

Spyo's Adventure does work on the Skylander's Giants game! 

A few weeks ago, I got Skylander Giants. It came with three Skylanders: Tree Rex, Cynder, and Jet-Vac. I tried Cynder  and she was awesome! But when I tried Drobot, a teach Skylander from Spyro's Adventure, the screen said "This Skylander is from another game." This was very frustrating considering I bought a bunch of Skylanders series one with my allowance way before the Giants game becase I was told they would work. So, I kept playing the same Spyro's adventure game with the 21 series one charactors and the Giants game with the 4 characters I had. Not fair becase I upgraded every single Skylander series one I had! I began to think that I needed to get more serise 2 ... and more allowance.

Then just yesterday, on Spyro's Adventure, I made Cynder an "official Skylander". By going to Skylander info, I clicked on "ownership" then it asked me if I wanted to make her an "official Skylander". I clicked "yes".  So, when I tried Cynder on the Skylander Giants game, I "Switched nick-names" and to my surprise, all of my Spro's Adventure Skylanders worked on Skylander Giants as if they were series two!